Explore the verse with us

We are a corporation in the Star Citizen universe with focus on co-determination. Every member can influence the future of our corporation.

What we do?

These are our departments:

Exploration & Engineering

Exploring new parts of the universe is a highly valued goal of our org and we hope we will be the best at exploring unique star systems, wormholes and more.

We try to discover new technologies that will lead the industry.

Security & Bounty Hunting

We offer escort teams as a service for others as well as for our own Transportation missions.

The law has a high priority in our corporation. We do not only respect it, we will also actively hunt lawbreakers to make the universe a safer place.

Trading & Transportation

Featuring transportation and trading in the same corporation means you can trade with us wherever you are and your goods will always be on time.

You do not want to join a specific team?

We are very flexible, so you can help us out wherever you like.

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Want to be more than a standard member?

You have the chance to be more than just average! Currently we are looking for talented designers and officers that lead our departments.


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